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Flow Wrap Technology

  • Release Lime: Mar 13 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Flow wrap technology is a commonly used technology in the market, and it is also a very popular technology. Why do we say that?
First of all, from the scope of packaging, horizontal packing machine can pack any size of block food, daily necessities, medicinal materials, stationery and other products. Loose products need only be fixed in the box to complete good packaging. The material can be packed and sealed because it is controlled by an independent PID.
 flow wrap technology
Secondly, in terms of setting the bag width and bag length, ordinary packaging machines prepare packaging bags in advance, and flow wrap uses a cut-and-go method. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color-tracking does not seal cut-out packages Or oblique cutting, so can effectively save the time of setting parameters, and will not waste the film, the packaging effect is beautiful.
The most important is, flow wrap technology is advancing with the times, because all its control systems are implemented by advanced digital controllable software, which not only facilitates technical upgrades for technicians, but also improves packaging methods in a timely manner. The method is more advanced and unique, and the practicality, functionality, and humanity can be improved.
In addition, the technology of flow wrap is developing very fast. As a manufacturer, we are constantly upgrading and updating.  

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