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Packaging Machine Manufacturers in Thailand

  • Release Lime: Mar 19 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Are you a packaging machine manufacturers in Thailand? When we receive an inquiry, some customers may ask this question.
I am sorry. We are packaging machine manufacturer in China. But don’t worry, we can ship the machine to Thailand.
You know Thailand is very close to China and transportation is more convenient. And, as a packaging machine manufacturer in China, we have sold the machine to Thailand several times and have won unanimous praise from Thailand customers.
As a manufacturer, we manufacturing different packing machine for box, powder, liquid, particles, etc. And can custom according to your raw material. And we can design the machine size according to your site. Provide you with the best solution.
 packing machine manufacturer
Our advantages:
1. Our packaging machines are controlled by electricity, gas and machine. The programmable controller cooperates with the touch screen to realize the man-machine interface dialogue. The action and control parameters of each part can be set and modified. Convenient and reliable control with low failure rate.
2. The main components such as the frame are made of stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements.
3. With multiple functions, it can meet the packaging requirements of different customers for different materials.
Our packaging machines sell well in dozens of countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, etc., and receive continuous strong support from customers. We have top technical talents and high-quality work teams to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service in a timely manner. Innovative, pragmatic, efficient, and win trust with responsibility is our purpose, to provide comprehensive one-stop service to more customers is our goal. 

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