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What Is Condiment Packing Types?

  • Release Lime: Dec 12 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Among all kinds of gourmet dishes, "condiment" is an indispensable product, and its importance is especially important when eating in many countries. For example, eating only bread may not taste good, and there is a feeling of tastelessness. If you want to make bread delicious, you can't lack bread condiment. French fries with ketchup, the complex taste will always make people want to stop. When we enjoy these condiment, we often pay the most attention to the taste and ignore the packaging. Today, let me introduce to you the condiment packing types.
condiment packing types  
1. Small sachet
Among the many packaging forms of condiment, sachets are very popular. The small package basically keeps the amount for one consumption, and there is no need to consider the storage problem of the sauce after opening. It has natural advantages in maintaining the freshness of the product and ensuring food safety. The small package itself takes up little space and is easy to carry, making it more popular in modern life. Small packages have higher requirements for the speed and delicacy of the automatic condiment packaging machine.
2. Spout pouch
The spout pouch is a new type of plastic flexible packaging developed on the basis of the stand-up pouch, which is mainly divided into two parts: the stand-up pouch and the spout. Self-supporting means that there is a layer of film at the bottom to support standing, and the nozzle is made of new material PE blow molding and injection molding, which fully meets the requirements of food grade.
This kind of packaging material is the same as the ordinary composite material, but it needs to use the material of the corresponding structure according to the different products to be installed. It is generally used to package liquids and sauces, such as fruit juice, beverages, milk,  soy sauce, detergent, etc. can be used.
3. Bottle
The bottle not only has good airtightness, but its material silica has very stable physical and chemical properties. When the condiment is in use, when it is heated, the taste will be released into the air, which shows that the condiment has the property of being volatile, and the performance of preventing volatilization, and the good sealing of the bottle can well protect the original flavor of the condiment.
Our company deeply develops the technology of condiment packaging, designs corresponding condiment packaging solutions according to the classification of condiment packaging, accurately meets customer needs, and creates greater value for customers.
If you want to know more about condiment packaging, please contact us for exclusive condiment packaging solutions.

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