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Sugar Stick Packing Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Nov 28 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Sugar stick packing machine is often used in many large-scale sugar processing plants. Because of its fast packaging and good packaging effect, it is very popular. But what is the sugar stick packing machine price?
 sugar stick pack
In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the market demand for diversified and personalized commodities has been increasing. This packaging machine stands out for its advantages of high degree of automation and fast speed. Compared with the common type of sugar packing machine, the price of this type is higher. Generally speaking, the machine can be used as a single line, or it can be connected with other equipment to form a production line. Realize fully automated packaging process for enterprises.
In addition, the number of lanes, functions, and configurations of the device are also related to the price.
Number of lanes:
The number of lanes of this series of machines ranges from 1 to 10, and models with more lanes can also be customized according to the production needs of customers. However, because the customized enlarged model is more difficult to process and takes longer, the price will be more expensive than the standard model.
Device configuration:
The core part of the packaging machine is the host, and the heart of the host is the electrical box, which includes PLC, servo, relay and so on. PLC and server are the key points, generally using Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other brands, the quality is relatively stable, and the reputation is relatively good. If you use ordinary brands, the stability will be worse, but the cost is low. In addition to the electrical box, the metering device and feeding device are also available in various configurations. For example, the price of vacuum feeding device and ordinary feeding device is different.
Device function:
In addition to the functions of the device itself, date printing devices, easy-tear devices, etc. can also be added. The price of each configuration varies, so in the end it is necessary to determine the functions that the user wants to add to determine the overall quotation.
But according to previous customers' choices, the sugar stick packing machine price is about 10,000USD~50,000USD, depending on the customer's packaging requirements.

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