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How Many Types of Sugar Packing Machines Are There?

  • Release Lime: Nov 22 2022
  • Source: Sherry
How many types of sugar packing machine are there? The common types of sugar packaging machines are as follows, which can meet the packaging needs of different customers.
 Sugar package
1. Vertical packaging machine
This machine is suitable for sugar sachet packaging. It is mainly made of stainless steel, and the measurement method adopts a customized measuring cup device, which is fast and has good packaging effect. The structure of the whole machine is compact, firm, reasonable and simple in design. Using photoelectric eye control system, stepping motor to pull film, stable and reliable performance, low noise. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the operation is more stable, the noise is lower, and the failure rate is low. Date printing to product output is done in one go.
2. Multilane packing machine
This machine is a kind of vertical packaging machine. It has multiple lanes and a larger output, making it more suitable for large-scale sugar packaging. The finished product is more beautiful. The high-sensitivity electric eye can automatically track and position the printing cursor, and when use the packaging materials with color codes, a complete trademark pattern can be obtained. PLC control, easy to set and adjust packaging parameters on the touch screen control panel. Visually display production information, and have the functions of automatic fault alarm, self-stop and self-diagnosis. It is safe and simple to use and easy to maintain. The heat-sealed film is driven by a motor, which is stable, reliable and has high precision.
3. Multi-head weighing packaging machine
The machine is a combination of a vertical packaging machine and a multi-head weigher. Suitable for packaging of 1-5kg sugar. The machine adopts the principle of combined weighing, and the weighing is more accurate. The gas circuit control and circuit control electrical boxes are separated independently, with low noise and more stable circuit. Double-belt servo film pulling: less film pulling resistance, good packaging bag shape, more beautiful, and the belt is not easy to wear. Fixed film release mechanism, packaging film installation is simpler and easier.
Of course, according to different packaging requirements, we also provide other types of sugar packaging equipment, such as bottle filling machines, bag packing machines, etc. Tell us your needs and we will provide you with the right equipment.

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