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How Do Stick Pack Machines Work?

  • Release Lime: Nov 14 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is stick pack machine? It is actually a vertical packaging machine, which can be used for various types of product packaging, such as powders, granules, sauces and other products. The machine is made of stainless steel, with stable operation, reasonable structure and mature technology. The plastic film is formed into a tube shape from a film cylinder, and the vertical sealing device is simultaneously heat-sealed. While being packaged in a bag, the transverse sealing mechanism cuts the length and position of the packaging according to the color code of the photoelectric detection device.
 stick packs
How do stick pack machines work?
The working principle of the machine is that the film is installed on the bearing device, the position of the mark is tested on the packaging material through the guide rod group of the tension device and the controlled photoelectric detection device, and the forming machine is used to roll into the film to wrap the filling tube on the cylindrical surface. The longitudinal heat-sealing device and the longitudinal heat-sealing film, the tube of the portion rolled into a cylindrical shape are sealed, and the tube, package is sealed after the tubular film is moved to the heat sealer on the rear side thereof. The metering device measures the item, fills the bag through the upper filling tube, and then forms the package unit by side heat sealing and cutting in the center of the heat sealing device, while forming the next bottom barrel seal.
The machine is widely used in daily life. It is suitable for the packaging of various powder, granule and liquid products. The distinctive feature of this machine compared with other machines is the bag making machine installed inside the packaging material conveying pipe, the bag making, and the packaging material from top to bottom along the vertical direction.
The stick pack machine is mainly composed of metering device, transmission system, transverse sealing and longitudinal sealing device, necking forming machine, filling tube and film pulling and feeding mechanism. It cooperates with the previous metering and filling machinery and is often used for the packaging of granular, powdery and fluid and semi-fluid materials. Its characteristic is that the supply cylinder of the packaged material is designed on the inner side of the bag maker, and the bag making and filling material are carried out in a vertical direction from top to bottom.

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