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How Biscuits Are Packed?

  • Release Lime: Nov 07 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Biscuits are a very common snack in daily life, and there are many types and styles. Packaging forms are also various. But how biscuits are packed?
A very common form of packaging is pillow bag packaging. This packaging method is named because the finished product resembles a pillow. Date can be printed and tear-off can be added.
In addition to packaging biscuits, the pillow bag packing machine can also be used to package various types of bread, instant noodles, fruits, vegetables, etc.
 biscuit packing
The conveyor belt automatically transports the biscuits to the packaging position, wraps them in a paper film and then presses them into shape after heating, and sends them to the cross-sealing cutter for heat sealing and cross-sealing and cutting. The finished product is then output by the conveyor belt.
1. Full English display (language can be set according to the customer's country)
2. The Siemens touch screen clearly displays the working status, operation instructions, etc., and the operation is simple and intuitive.
3. Siemens PLC provides stable working procedures.
4. 10 product recipes can be preset, suitable for fast changing product packaging.
5. Using intelligent thermostat, the temperature difference can be controlled within 2 degrees.
6. The sealing and cutting position, deviation correction, etc. can be adjusted directly on the touch screen without stopping
7. Adopt CE installation standard, electric box protection standard can reach IP65.
8. The equipment has a high degree of safety protection function (safety protection devices are installed in all dangerous parts)
9. Convenient operation and maintenance: reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain, strong versatility.
10. If your packaging film is a single-layer PE material, you can also choose a special sealing device for PE film.

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