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What Is A Flow Pack?

  • Release Lime: Nov 02 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is a flow pack? Flow Pack technology is one of the commonly used packaging solutions. It can be used to package products directly, or it can be used to package products placed on pallets. It is widely used in agricultural products, meat, baked goods and non-food industries.
Advantages of Flow Pack:
1. Products with or without pallets can be packaged in this way.
2. Perforations can be punched to ensure efficient breathing of fresh food for extended shelf life.
3. A coding device can be added to print the production date.
4. Can be applied to different kinds of packaging materials to increase brand awareness and attract consumers' attention to the product.
Flow Pack 
Flow Pack Principle:
1. Feeding
The feeding mechanism is equipped with a push finger chain, and the tension of the push finger chain is adjusted by the two "push finger chain tightness adjustment handwheels" at the left end of the feeding mechanism. When the packaged material is determined, firstly adjust the width of the guide groove of the feeding mechanism so that the packaged material can move smoothly in the guide groove.
2. Film feeding
The packaging film roll is installed on a roller with automatic centering and clamping, and the film detours according to a certain path and enters the bag maker.
3. Bag maker
The bag maker is a bag folding device that can adjust the width and the elevation angle of the film.
4. Middle sealing
The effect of the middle seal should be that the seal is firm and the lines are clear, otherwise it should be adjusted.
5. End sealing
There will be different synchronous linkage relationships between the feeding push rod and the end sealing knife of the machine due to the different packaging lengths.
6. Output

Equipment used with flow pack:
○This type of packaging has special packaging equipment available, which can be called flow pack machine.
○Fast, can be applied to high-speed packaging of small-sized products.
○Multi-axis drive, very simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance.
○Man-machine interface, bag length, material level, cursor position, coding, inflation and other functions are all digitally set, input directly on the screen, and can be stored for next use.

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