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Soap Packaging Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Oct 24 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is the soap packaging machine price? Usually, for different types of soap packaging machines, their prices are not the same. According to the packaging needs of different customers, we often recommend the following three types of soap packaging for customers.
 soap packaging types
1. Horizontal soap packaging machine
This machine price is about 7000-20000USD. Wide range of applications, one machine can pack different sizes of soap. The machine adopts servo drive and operates through touch screen, with high operation efficiency, smooth transmission and easy operation, suitable for the outer packaging of various solid products. Using advanced microcomputer packaging controller and excellent man-machine dialogue mode, the speed, bag length, tangent position detection, etc. can be directly displayed on the interface. This model has the function of automatically adjusting the position, which solves the problems of unstable alignment and slow speed. The new type of vertical sealing heating can be sealed at low temperature, and the bag holder can be adjusted to facilitate the replacement of product varieties.
2. Cellophane soap packaging machine
This machine price is about 10000-20000USD. A mold can only pack one size of soap. But the packaging effect is more beautiful. After the cellophane is folded, the soap is tightly wrapped and instantly sealed without generating too much heat, making the packaging more beautiful. Conducive to enhancing the added value of the product. It is suitable for factories with high requirements on the aesthetics of product packaging.
3. Shrink wrap soap packaging machine
This machine price is about 4000-6000USD. Available in single or multiple soap packs. Great for product promotional packaging. The packaged soap can play the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof and anti-counterfeiting. Using heat pipe heating, saving more than 15% of electricity. The shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide. The design is novel, the performance is stable and feasible, the shrinkage effect is good, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. It can be applied to shrink packaging of PVC, POF, PP and other shrink films.
For different customers' soap packaging requirements and output requirements, we can also provide fully automated packaging systems. If you are interested, you can contact us.

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