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Surgical Face Mask Packaging Process

  • Release Lime: Jun 15 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Surgical mask is often used in people’s daily lives to block dust and viruses, so the packing requirements for surgical mask are very high. But do you know the surgical face mask packaging process.
Because surgical masks have higher hygiene requirements, they usually use a single package, completed by a professional mask packing machine:
 Face mask packing machine
1. The packing machine is driven by a stepless variable speed motor, and the gear chain stepless gearbox is driven to rotate via a triangle belt. The transmission obtains different operating speeds according to the speed of the speed-regulating transmission chain.
2. Then the planetary differential tissue is driven by the timing belt to adjust the length of the film, and the output shaft of the transmission is driven by the chain drive to drive the film feeding shaft to rotate and transport the film. The film output length can be set manually on the gear chain speed-regulating motor.
3. During the packing process, it is monitored by the optical tracking color code. The transmission is driven by multiple sets of chains to complete the packaged items. Realize the coordinated operation of conveying belt, paper pulling wheel, pressing wheel, horizontal sealing knife and finished product conveying belt.
4. The film is installed on the film feeding shaft, and the mask is placed on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt automatically transfers the mask to the packing part and packs it in a film. After being heated, it is pressed into a shape, and then sent to the horizontal sealing cutting knife for heat fusion and horizontal sealing, and then cutting. Then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.
The entire mask packaging process is automatically completed by the machine, creating a good packaging environment for surgical mask packaging.

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