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How Do You Use A Flow Wrap Machine?

  • Release Lime: Jun 18 2021
  • Source: Sherry
How do you use a flow wrap machine? When you own a flow wrap machine, be sure to consider this issue first and understand the detailed operation steps before starting to operate the machine to ensure the safety of the operator. You can refer to the following steps:
Step1: Check the machine to ensure that the machine is fault-free and free of debris.
Step2: Install the packaging film on the film roller, and the exit direction is consistent with the in and out direction of the product. Adjust the packaging film so that its center is consistent with the longitudinal sealing center.
Step3: Turn on the power, the power indicator light is on, the display shows the initial screen, after 3 seconds, the display automatically displays the running screen.
Step4: Press the heating circuit switch to ‘on’ and press the button of the temperature control meter.
Step5: Measure the length of the bag (the linear distance between two adjacent color codes, in millimeters)
Step6: Press the start button, the machine runs, and the bag length adjustment handle is rotated (clockwise rotation reduces the bag length, counterclockwise rotation increases the bag length), so that the bag length on the display is consistent with the measured bag length.
Step7: Wear the packaging film according to the schematic diagram
Step8: Press the jog button to make the horizontal sealing cutter cut exactly on the color mark.
Step9: Press the start button, make the cursor switch pass through at least five color marks, and check the tracking direction displayed on the display. Turn the cursor lock knob in the direction opposite to the displayed tracking direction to lock the color mark in the correct position.
Step10: Press the start button, start the machine, make several bags, and check the sealing effect of the vertical seal and the horizontal seal.
Step11: Put 1 to 2 products on the feeding conveyor, press the jog button, and stop when the product arrive the horizontal sealing position, check whether the product is between the two color labels, and pay attention to whether the cutter cuts to the product.
Step12: Supply enough materials and press the start button to officially run the flow wrap machine.
Step13: After the formal operation, the photoelectric indicator on the computer operation panel should light up every time it passes through a color code.
Step14: Check the cutting point position of the cutter to see if the cutting point position is correct. When the cut point is correct, press the start button, and the machine officially runs.

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