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Flow Wrap Machine Troubleshooting

  • Release Lime: Jun 19 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Flow wrap machine troubleshooting is what every operator must know. Here we will share some of them.
The flow wrap machine is a continuous packaging machine with a very strong packaging capacity and suitable for a wide range of food and non-food packaging. In the packaging process, due to the error between the positioning color code printed on the packaging material, the stretching of the packaging material and the mechanical transmission and other factors, The predetermined sealing and cutting portion on the packaging material may deviate from the correct position, resulting in an error.
Flow Wrap Machine
In order to eliminate the error and achieve the correct sealing and cutting purposes, the packaging design must consider the automatic positioning problem. To solve this problem, the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system design is completed according to the positioning standard of the packaging material. The continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into the forward and backward, the brake type and the synchronous transmission of the two transmission systems according to the error compensation working mode.
Flow Wrap Factory

Flow Wrap Machine Trouble:
1. The cut position deviates from the color mark.
2. The cutter is cut on the product.
3. There are signs of burnt wrinkles at the seal.
4. The seal is not tight or leakage.
5. A thermometer does not control the temperature.
Cause Analysis:
1. The color code tracking is not turned on, the color code of the film is too light, and the film drive is slippery.
2. The push rod and the cutter are not synchronized, the knife holder is too high or too low, and the packaging speed is too fast.
3. The temperature is too high, the speed is too slow, and the outer layer of the envelope is poor in heat resistance.
4. The temperature is too low, the speed is too fast, and the inner seal of the envelope is poorly sealed.
5. Heating element damage, solid state relay burnout, thermocouple damage, temperature control table damage.
Flow Wrap Machine Troubleshooting:
1. In the man-machine interface tracking mode interface, switch the tracking mode to "tracking and cutting"; refer to the manual to adjust the sensitivity of the electric eye sensing; adjust the glue stick pressure or brake tightness.
2. Refer to the instruction manual to adjust the position of the push finger; adjust the height of the end seal component so that the center of the seal cutter is in the middle position of the product height; reduce the packaging speed.
3. Reduce the temperature; adjust the speed; replace the film material.
4. Replace the heating element, change the solid state relay, replace the power switch, replace the temperature control table.

Knowing the above flow wrap machine troubleshooting methods, your machine can work better.

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