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Types of Shrink Wrap

  • Release Lime: Jun 24 2019
  • Source: Sherry
There are different types of shrink wrap, today we will introduce three common shrink wrap types on the market:
Type one: Open on both ends
The shrink wrap type is that the tubular film or the flat film is first wrapped in a sleeve and then heat-shrinked, and after the packaging is completed, there is a shrinkage port at both ends of the package.
1. When a tubular film is used, the inlet is first opened, and then the product is pushed into the film by means of the chute, and then the film is cut. This type is more suitable for the packaging of cylindrical articles, such as batteries, rolls, bottles and so on. This packaging method is beautiful in appearance.
2. Wrap the product in a flat film. The film should be wider than the product. The wrapped product is fed into the middle of the flat film to form a horseshoe-shaped wrap, and then heat-sealed to seal the seal.
 Shrink Wrap Type 1
Type two: Fully sealed
This shrink wrap type of packaging envelops the product with a film and the seam is sealed with a lap joint. Used for product packaging that requires full sealing.
1. A single sheet of film can be used in a pillow-shaped bag. In this method, a single film is used, which is firstly sealed into a cylindrical shape, and the product is pushed into it, and then the horizontal slit is cut into a pillow type package or the both ends are tied into a tube package.
2. The two-film full package is similar to the open type at both ends, and can be completed by simply providing a two-side sealing device on the heat shrink wrapping machine.
3. Wrapped in a tubular film, it is only necessary to seal, puncture, and then heat shrink while the tubular film is cut.
 Shrink Wrap Type 2
Type three: One end open
Tray shrink packaging is a typical example, first make the film into a square bottom bag, then put the big bag from top to bottom on the stacking commodity tray, then shrink wrap. Its main feature is that the products can be firmly bundled in a certain amount, not loose during transportation, and can be stacked in the open air.
Shrink Wrap Type 3

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