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Types of Food Packaging Machines

  • Release Lime: Jun 26 2019
  • Source: Sherry
There are many packaging machines on market, but what are types of food packaging machines?
There are many classification methods for packaging machines, which are mainly divided into three types: bag packing machine, premade bag filling machine and can filling machine.
Types 1:
The bag packing machine usually consists of two parts: a bag making machine and a weighing machine. The weighing machine can be either a weighing type or a screw type, the granule and powder materials can be packaged. The machine is directly bag-making, and in the process of bag-making, it completes measurement, filling, coding, cutting and other actions, packaging materials are usually plastic composite film, aluminum and platinum composite film, paper bag composite film, suitable for washing powder, seasoning, puffed food and other goods.
 Bag Packing Machine
Types 2:
Premade bag filling machine usually consists of bag feeding machine and weighing machine. The operation principle of this machine is to use the manipulator to take, open, bagging and sealing the user's prefabricated bags, together with the harmonious control of the microcomputer to complete filling, coding and other operations, then the automatic packaging of premade bag is completed. Its characteristic is the manipulator replaces the manual bagging, may reduce the packing pollution, is suitable for the food, seasoning and so on.
 Premade Bag Filling Machine
Types 3:
Can filling machine is mainly used for automatic canning of cup-shaped containers such as iron cans and paper cans. The whole machine usually consists of a can feeder, a weighing machine and a capping machine. The intermittent rotating mechanism is usually used, and each rotating station sends a feeding signal to the weighing machine to complete a quantitative canning. The capping machine is connected with the can feeder through the conveyor belt. This machine is mainly used for packaging chicken essence, malt essence and milk powder.
 Can Filling Machine
Since there are many types of food packaging machines, if you have any need, please tell us your packing materials and finished products, we will introduce a suitable type for you.

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