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Shrink Wrap Machine Maintenance

  • Release Lime: Jun 27 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Heat shrink wrapping is a very common form of packaging, and heat shrink wrap machine is an important packaging tool, so the shrink wrap machine maintenance is also very important.
 Shrink Wrap Machine Maintenance
But how to do shrink wrap machine maintenance? Mainly consists of six parts:
1. Check the machine regularly: after daily work, the blade must be cleaned and maintained with wire brush and film release agent. Always apply lubricant to the running parts. To carry out a full range of regular inspection, the degree of aging parts to timely replacement.
2. Power numerical: We should pay attention to the label on the machine nameplate. In actual operation, the power input power must be greater than or equal to the nameplate marking instructions to prevent the internal wiring or machine components from burning out.
3. Electricity environment: When working, first ventilate and then energize. When the machine is shut down, first cut off the electricity and then cut off the gas.
4. Environmental conditions: The machine should be used in the environment where the temperature is -10℃-50℃, the relative humidity is no more than 85%, there is no corrosive gas, no dust and no explosive danger in the surrounding air.
5. Placed: The installation must be placed horizontally to ensure the normal operation of the electric heat pipe and ensure its service life. If the installation Angle of the machine transmitted by network belt is incorrect, the center will be deviated.
6. Clean: The heating strip and silica gel strip shall be kept clean, and foreign matters shall not be adhered to, so as to avoid affecting the quality of sealing.
Above is some shrink wrap machine maintenance method, if you have other question, please contact us for free.

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