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Flow Wrap Packaging Material

  • Release Lime: Mar 30 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Now the flow wrap packing machine is widely used. Many customers will worry about whether our machine is suitable for their flow wrap packaging materials when buying. Here we will list several commonly used flow wrap packaging materials:
 flow wrap packaging machine
1. The most commonly used packaging material is polypropylene, which is used in some form in almost 90% of applications.
It is used for wrapping snack foods, sweets, baked foods, etc. The common composition of this film includes an outer layer, a polypropylene core, and an inner sealing layer. The outer layer is usually coated with an acrylic coating to prevent the film from melting on the crimping pliers and reduce friction on the contact surface. Polypropylene film over wrap provides a containment seal and protection from dirt and dust. It also provides a degree of protection from moisture and oxygen.
2. Polyester film
Polyester film is often used as an outer layer in lamination with other materials. Polyester has good heat resistance and performs well in high-speed applications. The film does not shrink due to high temperatures like polypropylene. The polyester layer in the laminate also increases the structural strength of the film. Polyester film can generally accept temperature settings up to 500F +.
3. PE film
There are two types of polyethylene film:
(1) Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is commonly used in shrink applications. If the produced film has a sealant layer inside, LDPE can also run on a flow wrap machine.
(2)  High-density polyethylene (HDPE) requires a sealing layer for sealing in a flow wrap machine. It is used as an outer layer with LDPE and EVA sealant layers to wrap waffles, biscuits and plastic tableware, etc.
The above are several commonly used flow wrap packaging materials. If you are not sure whether your packaging materials are suitable for our machine, please contact us to confirm with us.
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