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Multihead Weigher Troubleshooting

  • Release Lime: Mar 27 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Multihead weigher packing machine is widely used in the food industry, but it will inevitably encounter problems during operation and use. here we will show you some multihead weigher troubleshooting.
O Weighing bucket appears negative during operation:
1. Remove the residue from the weighing bucket
2. Adjust the "weighing bucket motor mode" to ensure complete discharging
O Too little material in the weighing hopper
1.Check if the line amplitude value is too small
2.Check the settings related to the detected value of no material
O Single bucket weight is greater than single target weight (overweight)
1. When working at AFC = 0, reduce the "line amplitude" value
2. When working at AFC = 1, increase the value of "target bucket number"
3. When working at AFC = 2, reduce the value of "single bucket weight"
 Multihead weigher
O No combined mandatory emissions
1. Increasing the value of the number of strong buckets
2. Single target weight / 2 > Single bucket weight> Single target weight / 6
3. If possible, reduce the packaging accuracy and increase the value of "upper and lower limit weight"
O When running automatic zero setting, the drift of the weighing bucket exceeds 20% of the full scale value
1.Residue from weighing bucket
2. Adjust the "weighing bucket motor mode" to ensure that the material can be discharged when discharging.
3. Under the condition that there is no abnormality in the above 2 points, press the "zero" key in the main menu, and then restart the operation.
O Motor power or module power is off
1. Whether the power supply has poor contact
2.Check all the terminals of the chassis for looseness
Here are just a few multihead weigher troubleshooting. If you encounter other problems during use, please contact us.
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