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Flow Wrapping Chocolate Bars- Easy Packing Method

  • Release Lime: Aug 12 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Flow wrapping chocolate bars is a common and very simple way of wrapping, the finished product of this packaging method is a pillow bag, which is more beautiful in appearance.
Why use flow wrapping chocolate bars?
1. Economical flexible packaging options
2. Can be used for high-speed packaging
3. Can be used for single or multiple bars packaging
4. Can be punched
5. Good shelf display effect
 flow wrapping chocolate bars
How to complete the packaging of chocolate bars?
Flow wrapping chocolate bars requires a professional horizontal wrapping machine, and the entire wrapping process is simple and automated. Before packaging the chocolate bars, the size of the packaging film is set, and the packaging film is sent out by the feeding mechanism to form a cylindrical bag in the part of the bag maker. Close to both ends of the film, heat and pressure are applied to both ends of the film at the sealing portion, and heat-sealing is performed. The chocolate bars are continuously inserted into the cylindrical packaging film at certain intervals by the supply conveyor provided at the front end of the bag maker.
1. Frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient and simple.
2. Sliding horizontal sealing mechanism, the center height of horizontal sealing can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily.
3. The special adjustable bag maker can better adapt to the current multi-variety and multi-specification packaging requirements.
4. The differential feeding method enables the machine to easily adjust the feeding position during operation.
5. The advanced microcomputer packaging controller and excellent man-machine dialogue mode enable the speed, bag length, tangent position detection, etc. to be displayed directly on the interface.
Although flow wrapping is a commonly used packaging form for chocolate bars, many factories also use other types of packaging to attract more customers, or for promotional purposes. No matter what kind of packaging form, we can provide you with corresponding packaging solutions.

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