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Biscuit Packing Machine Conveyor

  • Release Lime: Aug 15 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The biscuit packing machine conveyor system of the biscuit packaging machine is the equipment required by many large biscuit manufacturers. It is the previous step of packaging and is used to sort the biscuit.
The conveying system is mainly composed of main line conveying unit, dropper, belt conveying unit and servo pushing unit. By connecting the cooling part of the biscuit production line, the system automatically arranges the biscuit into the dropper, and then sends the product into the packaging machine in an orderly, smooth and non-damaged manner through the servo push mechanism to complete the packaging, realizing the packaging of various biscuit specifications and multiple pieces.
The biscuit conveying system is customized according to the characteristics and packaging methods of the biscuit, so that the biscuit production line and the packaging machine can be seamlessly connected, and the whole process of sorting, conveying and packaging can be automated. There is no need for a large number of manual biscuits to be placed on the packaging machine, which greatly reduces labor costs and management costs. At the same time, it ensures that the product is clean and hygienic, will not cause secondary pollution due to contact with human hands, and prolong the shelf life of the biscuits.
biscuit packing machine conveyor 
Structural features:
1. The belts on the conveying system are all food-grade PU belts, and the easy disassembly makes the cleaning and replacement of the belt easy and fast. While not delaying production, ensure that the parts in contact with the product are clean, preventing product contamination.
2. The components of the equipment are of well-known brands(Siemens control system, Siemens touch screen, Siemens servo motor, German brand bearings, etc.). While ensuring the quality of the machine, the stability of the machine operation is greatly improved.
1. Fully automatic feeding (connected with the production line, no need to manually place materials or transfer materials)
2. Multi-group structure, sufficient supply of packaging materials, avoid empty bags, and do not waste packaging film.
3. Interact with the packaging machine control system to achieve full automation without manual control of the packaging machine.
4. Fast speed, up to 260 packs/min
Our conveying system is customized according to the customer's production situation and packaging system, if you have any needs, you can contact us. 

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