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How Do You Pack A Chocolate Bar?

  • Release Lime: Aug 23 2022
  • Source: Sherry
There are many ways to pack chocolate bars, how do you pack a chocolate bar? Pillow bags are often used in many chocolate bar production factory. But some use a single package, and some use multiple packages. Although the number of packaging is different, they can complete the packaging process on the same machine. The packaging is usually done by a special chocolate bar packaging machine.
Its workflow is:
Depending on the product to be packaged, the packaging film is pre-dimensioned and fed out through feed rollers to form cylindrical bags in a bag making machine. Then, both ends of the film are folded, and heat and pressure are applied to both ends of the film at the center sealing portion of the pillow wrapping machine, and heat sealing is performed. The packaged products are continuously inserted into the tubular film at regular intervals by means of a feeding conveyor belt provided at the front end (feeding section) of the bag making machine. The packaging machine presses the conveyor belt up and down, and the packaged chocolate bar in the tubular film continue to advance at certain intervals. The packaged chocolate bar and the intermediate film of the packaged chocolate bar are heated by the terminal sealing device, and are cut by the cutter while being pressurized and heat-sealed, thereby completing the packaging process. The machine then continues the above series of operations.
chocolate bar package 
1. The packaging machine feeds the packaging film out of the bag making machine through the film feeding roller to form a cylindrical bag. Fold both ends of the film and apply heat and pressure to both ends of the film at the center seal of the packing machine.
2. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, microcomputer controller (WDK) control system, PlD digital display intelligent temperature controller. Photoelectric detection two-way tracking system, small screen power display system and circuit protection system. High packaging precision, intuitive display, safe and reliable.
After the reaction of many users, the machine can save power and be efficient when in use. It can also adjust functions and upgrade technology according to the needs of different markets, as it is largely software-controlled as a whole. When using it, it can not only maintain its advantages, but also keep pace with the times. If you want to know more about the chocolate bar packaging process and packaging equipment, you can contact us. (Email: )

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