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Supplier of Biscuit Packaging Machine

  • Release Lime: Aug 26 2022
  • Source: Sherry
There are many suppliers of biscuit packaging machine on the market. As one of the supplier, we provide different types of biscuit packaging machines to complete different types of packaging. Such as single-piece packaging, multi-piece packaging, biscuit tray packaging, etc. And can customize the appropriate packaging solution according to the customer's packaging requirements.
As a supplier, we focus on the research and development, production, sales and service of biscuit packaging, ingredients, and intelligent equipment. Obtained EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, intellectual property management system certification. The products cover domestic and foreign countries and have provided automatic packaging solutions for more than 3,000 customers.
supplier of biscuit packaging machine 

The biscuit packaging equipment is controlled by double frequency converters. The bag length is randomly set according to the packaging needs, which can be done in one step, saving time and film. Human-machine interface operating system, free setting of parameters, one-key operation, convenient and fast, reducing labor and reducing packaging costs for enterprises. The machine has its own fault diagnosis function; high-sensitivity photoelectric color code tracking, accurate and safe sealing and cutting position. All control systems are controlled and operated by advanced software, which is convenient for equipment function adjustment and technology upgrade. After years of development, the equipment plays an important role in the production process of many industries.
As a supplier, we also serve customers from all walks of life, such as the food industry, toy industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Many customers also choose our company's products. Why choose us?
1. Good quality. Our products are famous for their excellent quality, and a lot of experience accumulated over a long period of time makes us more professional in the machine.
2. Service commitment. 
Pre-sale: Discuss customer equipment requirements. Provide you with a detailed "equipment proposal". including: Equipment sample; Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of products from peer manufacturers; GMP process design, plant water and electricity layout; Mechanical equipment process design; Related product configuration, spare parts, packaging and after-sales service; Identify equipment and quote itemized.
After sales: One-year warranty, lifetime service, and 24-hour online service. Consumables and important spare parts are kept in stock for a long time. Regularly return visits to each customer and record equipment files.
If you have any questions, you can contact us (Email: )

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