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Flow Wrapping Machine Sold to Malaysia

  • Release Lime: Aug 29 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Flow wrapping machine is a very widely used packaging equipment, which is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, hardware and other industries. A customer from Malaysia ordered a set of equipment to be installed in their cake factory.
In order to meet the production needs of customers in large quantities, we also configure automatic material handling devices for customers to reduce manual contact and ensure the hygiene and safety of products.
The sorting device includes:
1. Organize materials on a large platform
Connect to the production line, with automatic belt correction function.
2. Leveling device
Arrange incoming products into a straight line.
3. Sinking feeding device
Linked control with the belt, the program controls the up and down movement, and divides the product into each correct conveying lane.
4. Automatic material section
Pick up material from the sinking feeder and pull each product a suitable distance to prepare for orderly packaging.
5. Chasing material conveying system
Photocells and inverter control ensure the ready positioning and delivery of the product. Compatible and flexible system that can be adjusted to the size of the product.
flow wrapping machine malaysia 

1. It can be directly connected to the finished product discharge conveyor belt of the front-end processing line to meet the requirements of large-scale, mass production and packaging of single products, or manual dumping of materials can be used to meet the production and packaging of small quantities and multiple batches of products of various specifications.
2. It can be customized according to the characteristics of the material to avoid extrusion deformation of the material and ensure the continuity and stability of the production and packaging.
3. Adopt multi-stage frequency conversion speed regulation, servo drive control, simple and convenient operation, stable operation, high control precision and low energy consumption.
4. This product adopts stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure, humanized design, installation and maintenance are simple and fast.
The machine will be shipped to Malaysia after a 30-day production period. If you are also interested, please contact us.

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