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What Is Granola Bar Manufacturing Process?

  • Release Lime: Aug 01 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is granola bar manufacturing process? The main steps include:
Step 1: Obtain and measure raw materials.
Step 2: Mixing, forming and sorting granola bars.
Step 3: Check the quality of the granola bar.
Step 4: Finishing, packing and final inspection of granola bars.
granola bar manufacturing process 
Among them, our company is responsible for the production of equipment for the packaging process. Of course the packaging design is up to you.
1. If you want to pack the granola bar individually, we can provide pillow type packing machine.
This is a continuous packaging with very strong packaging capacity and can adapt to various specifications of food and non-food. Using the method of cutting and leaving, there is a high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking that will not seal and cut empty packages. Powerful function, stable performance, wide adaptability, simple and convenient operation, intelligent man-machine interface, different parameter settings are convenient and quick to use. This also makes the machine popular in many fields.
2. If you want to put the granola bar into a box, we can provide a cartoning machine
This is a high-tech product with mechatronics, which is to automatically put products and other items into the folding carton, and complete the cover box action. Some fully functional automatic cartoning machines also have additional functions such as labeling or heat shrink wrapping. It is widely used in industries such as food, medicine and daily chemicals, and has gradually replaced labor. The machine can be used alone, or it can be connected with other equipment to match the corresponding machinery to produce together. Low cost and continuous 24-hour production.
The packaging solutions we provide are designed according to your packaging method and packaging requirements, and the purpose is to help manufacturers attract more customers. If you have needs, you can contact us.

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