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Sold Cellophane Wrapping Machine to UK

  • Release Lime: Jul 28 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Cellophane packaging is a very popular packaging method at present, which can effectively prevent dust, moisture and pollution. A customer from the UK ordered a cellophane wrapping machine to pack single cigarette packs.
The size of the customer's cigarette case is larger than the conventional one. In order to better adapt to the product of the UK customer, we changed the mold to make the packaging effect more beautiful.
1. The new double-rotation film cutting knife can ensure that the machine can be used continuously for many years without sharpening the knife, which overcomes the defect that the traditional fixed single-rotation film cutting blade is easy to wear.
2. The transparent film cutter and the forming channel are located on the front and back sides of the equipment, which do not interfere with each other and are easy to maintain.
3. The stepper motor control is more precise, the film feeding is more stable, and the error does not exceed 1mm.
4. A variety of feeding methods can be used for manual feeding or docking of various types of cartoning machines.
5. Available in PVC or BOPP packaging film.
The role of using cellophane wrapping:
1. Protect
In the process of transportation, the boxes are separated from each other by cellophane, which can prevent damage due to bumps.
2. Reduce oxidation
Oxidation will be slower and the flavor will be more mellow when packaged with cellophane.
3. Insulate dust and moisture
During long-term storage of cigarettes, dust may accumulate and it may become damp. The cellophane can effectively block dust and moisture in the air, and play a good protective role.
 cellophane wrapping machine uk

Because this UK customer is packing a single pack, we recommend the 300 model, and if you are packing multiple cigarette packs together, we recommend the 400 model. If you are not sure which model is right for you, you can contact us and we will recommend the right model for you.

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