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How Are Biscuit Packed in A Factory?

  • Release Lime: Jul 25 2022
  • Source: Sherry
How are biscuit packed in a factory? Because factories have high daily production volumes, their biscuit packaging process is often automated. So what is the specific process?
Automatic feeding- Conveying and finishing- Sorting unit- Automatic bag making- Automatic packing- Automatic output
how are biscuits packed in a factory 
This is the basic process for factory packaging biscuit, but the process varies for different packaging styles. For example, if you want to pack into a box, you need to add the cartoning process; if the biscuits are to be put into a tray, you need to add the automatic loading step.
As a packaging machine manufacturer, we customize a complete set of biscuit packaging solutions for customers, from feeding to finished product output. Our machine features:
1. High precision and high sensitivity SICK electric eye tracking system, precise control of material position.
2. The system adopts multi-level frequency conversion speed regulation and servo drive control. The operation is simple and convenient, the operation is stable and reliable, the control precision is high, and the energy consumption is low.
3. The system can complete the functions of automatic separation, automatic sorting and automatic packaging. No one touches the food during the packaging process, reducing secondary pollution.
4. The system realizes the intelligent control of the whole machine through the real-time interactive operation of the touch screen and the embedded PLC. Configure the product menu function, the product adjustment is convenient and quick.
Why do customers choose our equipment?
1. Rich design experience, timely delivery
*80% of technicians graduated from professional and technical colleges and each has 6 years of field experience.
*With the combination of production, education and research in universities, it has strong scientific research backing and continuous development capabilities.
2. Strict quality control, high-precision components and accessories
Complete quality control system, strict quality control, and control of equipment processing and assembly accuracy to ensure equipment quality
3. 24H customer service online, spare parts supply quickly
Quick after-sales service response, 7*24 hours instant response, assist customers to solve any problems.
If you have any questions about the packaging process of biscuit, you can contact us. ( Email: )

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