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Protein Powder Manufacturing Process

  • Release Lime: Jul 21 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is the protein powder manufacturing process? The following is the main production process:

Step 1: After separating the whey and the curd, the curd forms a solid after setting, which is cheese. The liquid part is the whey, which is usually loaded into the truck immediately, from the cheese factory, and sent to the whey factory.
Step 2: Then sterilize. After filtering, the impurities are filtered out.
Step 3: Since liquid whey contains fat and lactose, it needs to go through a natural cold-warming process to separate the protein from fat and lactose. Only in this way can a high-quality whey protein powder be produced, as well as some of the trace elements that come with milk.
Step 4: The liquid is pumped into the desiccator and mixed together by hot and cold air to allow the moisture to fully evaporate. Let the solids and liquids be completely separated to get 90% Whey Protein Isolate Powder. Typically, more than 720 pounds of liquid whey material needs to be filtered and refined at a time. In the end, only 5 pounds of finished whey protein powder is obtained, and this process requires a lot of water to evaporate.
Step 5: Quality checks are performed on the protein content of the finished product. After the inspection, mix the ingredients of various flavors into the whey protein powder, stir well and then bottle to get the bottled protein powder we see on the shelf.
In order to ensure the cleanliness of the processing process, each step requires professional equipment to complete. As a packaging machine manufacturer, we offer different types of protein powder filling machines. It can meet the manufacturing needs of different factories. Under normal circumstances, our customers will require packaging 500-1000g/bottle. Of course, for other packaging specifications, we can also achieve. And in order to achieve higher hygiene standards, we use a vacuum feeder to reduce the contact between materials and air.
 protein powder filling machine
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