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Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine Price

  • Release Lime: May 25 2020
  • Source: Sherry
At present, the demand for hand sanitizer is increasing, and various hand sanitizer manufacturers are also expanding production. Many manufacturers urgently purchase automatic hand sanitizer filling machine to increase the filling speed. Some customers ask, will you increase the hand sanitizer filling machine price because of the increased demand for the machine?
Of course not. We guarantee that the price of our hand sanitizer filling machine is reasonable no matter what the circumstances. But because different models have different numbers of filling heads, the prices are different. But the price of this series of machines is 3000-10000 USD. In addition, there are some other factors that will affect the hand sanitizer filling machine price.
hand sanitizer filling machine price 
1. Cost: Equipment cost is an important factor that affects the price. The cost mainly includes manpower input and raw material input for equipment processing. Different companies use different raw materials, different technologies and different manpower inputs, so the production costs are different.
2. Different machine models will also affect the price. The equipment will be divided into small machines, medium-sized machines, and large-scale machines according to the different output, and the price will be higher which with larger output, faster speed.   
3. Machine material. Under normal circumstances, the machine will choose stainless steel as the raw material for production. Stainless steel has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, will not rust, but the price will be higher than carbon steel.


Because some customers inquired about the filling machine as well as its supporting equipment, capping machine and labeling machine. This will cost more money, but the degree of automation will be higher. Brings increased efficiency and quality to your facility.
Hand sanitizer capping machine:
Next in the hand sanitizer production line comes the capping process. This component is essential to guarantee that the product is prepped for the end-consumer. Our hand sanitizer capping solutions include:
1. Cap feeding system
2. Cap press system
Hand sanitizer labeling machine:
our labeling solutions are equipped for various hand sanitizer bottles, no matter the bottle size or shape. Can custom according to your demand.
If you have any questions about these machines, please contact us.
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