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Plantain Chips Packaging Materials

  • Release Lime: May 18 2020
  • Source: Sherry
As the competition in the plantain chips market intensifies, food companies are paying more and more attention to the control of efficient production efficiency and packaging costs, packaging safety and transportation safety. Therefore, from packaging material suppliers, equipment suppliers, packaging suppliers to food brands, the exploration of plantain chips packaging materials and technology will arouse widespread interest.
Generally, the packaging material of plantain chips is a composite film packaging bag, which is composed of a printed layer / aluminum barrier layer / heat seal layer. The common ones are mainly the following:
Good heat sealability, oxygen barrier and shading, the shelf life can reach more than one year, if you use the method of nitrogen filling, you can also achieve a longer shelf life.
Plantain Chips Packaging Materials
2. BOPP / VMPET / CPP (or PE), BOPP / PE / VMPET / CPP co-extruded film, OPP / PET / AL / CPP:
It is used in the packaging of puffed food. The form used is modified atmosphere packaging, which has strong sealing, shading and oil resistance.
3. Commonly used in the packaging of puffed foods such as plantain chips, the cost of these two materials is lower, but the shelf life of the contents is slightly shorter. The material can block oxygen, moisture, light, oil, bright colors and low cost. Among them, BOPP, PET and VMCPP have good stiffness, BOPP has good printability and high gloss. VMCPP has good barrier properties and CPP has good oil resistance.
The aluminum layer is not in direct contact with food, and usually comes in contact with some safer plastics. Because puffed food contains a relatively large amount of fat, the food is easily oxidized. In order to ensure the shelf life of products, the barrier properties of packaging materials are usually relatively high. Aluminum is widely recognized as a material with good ductility and barrier properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the plantain chips packaging industry.

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