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Flow Wrapper Machine Sold to Canada

  • Release Lime: May 13 2020
  • Source: Sherry
As the demand for masks has increased, many people start to do mask production. In addition to mask making machine, mask packaging machine is also very important. Last week we received an flow wrapper order from Canada, who buy the flow wrapper for face mask.
The flow wrapping machine is multifunctional, not only for masks, but also for biscuits, bread, fruits, vegetables and other foods.
 flow wrapper canada
1. The mechanical transmission structure reduces the use of electronic parts and narrows the application range of the belt. Maintenance is more convenient and simpler.
2. Equipped with a proper bag-making device and a stable pusher feeding, it can improve the problems of traditional machine film material incompatibility or bag length inconsistency.
3. The packaging speed is fast and the packaging efficiency is high. The bag is made with a special bag making machine and the sealing is firm.
4. Non-shrinkable materials BOPP, CPP and laminated films can be used; shrinkable materials include POF, etc.
We can also provide according to customer's material and packaging requirements, such as coder, puncher, inflation device, no material shutdown function, customized sealing pattern or pattern, automatic feeding device, etc.
We know that there is a great demand for masks now, and we will speed up production and ship the flow wrapper to Canada as soon as possible.

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