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Auger Filling Machine Principle

  • Release Lime: May 16 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is auger filling machine? auger filling machines are used to fill quantitative powder products into bottles, such as flour, milk powder, protein powder, glucose powder, etc.
Auger filling machine principle:
The bottles are conveyed to the conveyor belt through the turntable, and then conveyed to the flat conveyor, which transports the bottles to the position of the filling head at an adjustable speed for filling. The machine has a sensor that signals the electromagnetic clutch activation to complete the filling. The machine has a time adjustment function that can help set a timer to control the speed. After the bottle is filled, the cylinder keeps the bottle on the conveyor and continues to move to complete the processing.
auger filling machine principle  
Application of auger filling machine:
Pharmaceutical industry:
For filling various powder medicines
Food Industry:
Milk powder, flour, protein powder, etc. can all be filled with this machine.
Cosmetics industry:
Baby powder, talcum powder and other products can be filled with this machine.
Metal industry:
Aluminum powder, iron powder are also packaged by this machine.
Benefits of auger filling machine:
1. Efficient and dust-free. Effectively ensure the hygiene of the production environment.
2. Strong adaptability. It can be used for filling various types of containers such as bottles and cans.
3. Use a configurable logic controller to control it through a touch screen. The operation is more simple and convenient.
4. Can be connected with other devices. Such as capping machine, labeling machine, coding machine, etc.

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