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How Are Biscuits Packaged?

  • Release Lime: May 11 2020
  • Source: Sherry
We can see all kinds of packed biscuits in the supermarket, but how are biscuits packaged? In general, in order to ensure the cleanliness of food, biscuit manufacturers will choose a fully automatic biscuit packaging machine to complete the packaging process, thereby reducing the contact between people and products.
How are biscuits packaged by the machine?
First of all, place biscuits in the slot, it is recommended not to place more than 50 biscuits at the same time, because the height is limited, it is recommended to place them batch by batch. After the biscuits are placed, turn on the switch and the packaging machine starts to work. Every second, the bottom biscuits will be pushed out, and then enter the packaging mouth in turn, and the biscuits will be individually packaged. (You can also use a fully automatic sorting line)
Then, the packed biscuits will reach the cutting incision, and the machine will cut in the gap of the packaging bag, cut into zigzag (or other shapes), which is convenient for the operation of tearing the packaging bag by hand.
Finally, at the end position, collect the packed cookies.
 Biscuit packing machine
Why choose machine instead of manual?
1. Widely used: food, medicine, light industry and other industries are in use.
2. Simple operation, complete multiple procedures at one time: bag making, filling, coding, counting, measuring, output, etc.
3. High efficiency: The packaging speed can reach 40-230 bags / min, which is dozens of times that of manual packaging.
4. Clean and hygienic, no manual work is needed to prevent secondary pollution.

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