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Protein Bar Wrapper Material

  • Release Lime: May 06 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What are the protein bar wrapper materials? We know that protein bar is a popular snack food, there are a variety of packed protein bars in supermarkets, so what wrapper materials do they use?
The most commonly used energy bars are composite film packaging. The composite film refers to a multi-layer structure film formed by combining various plastics with paper, metal or other materials by laminating extrusion coating, co-extrusion and other process technologies to join the substrates together. So do you know what composite membranes are commonly used in protein bar packaging?
 protein bar wrapper material
Double layer compound: PT/PE、Paper / aluminum foil、paper/PE、PET/PE、PVC/PE、NY/PVDC、PE/PVDC、PP/PVDC, etc.
Three layer compound: BOPP/PE/OPP、PET/PVDC/PE、PET/PT/PE、PT/AL/PE、wax/paper/PE, etc.
Flour layer compound: PT/PE/BOPP/PE、PVDC/PT/PVDC/PE、Paper / aluminum foil / paper/PE, etc.
Five layer compound: PVDC/PT/PE/AL/PE, etc.
Six layer compound: E/paper/PE/AL/PE/PE, etc.
The following principles are generally followed when producing composite membranes:
1. The outer layer material is usually selected from materials with good mechanical strength, heat resistance, good printing performance and good optical performance.
2. The intermediate layer material is usually used to reinforce a certain function of the composite structure, such as barrier properties, light shielding properties, fragrance retention, composite strength, etc.
3. The main function of the inner layer material is the sealing property. The inner layer structure directly contacts the contents, so it is required to be non-toxic, odorless, water-blocking and oil-resistant.
Therefore, the protein bar wrapper materials generally have the functions of waterproof, antifouling, and opacity, and no matter what type of composite film, they can be used on our protein bar packaging machine.

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