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Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Manufacturer

  • Release Lime: May 04 2020
  • Source: Sherry
There are many heat shrink packaging machine manufacturers on market, as one of the manufacturers, we have many customers from all over the world.
As a heat shrink packaging machine manufacturer, we produce different models of heat shrink wrap machines, which can be used to wrap regular or irregular products such as boxes, bottles, books, etc. There are semi-automatic and fully automatic, which can be selected according to customers' requirements for packaging speed.
 Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Manufacturer
1. Suitable for the packaging of regular or irregular items, low power consumption, working efficiency is 15-35 pieces / minute, can work continuously for a long time without causing the surrounding environment to be too hot. Only one person can complete the entire packaging process, equipped with stainless steel conveyor network, the height can be adjusted according to the product size, suitable for various types of shrink film such as PVC, PP, POF and so on.
2. It has the functions of feeding, wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling and shaping.
3. Adopting the world's advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology, the sealing is clear and firm.
4. Sealing fast cooling structure, under high-speed production conditions, the sealing strength is higher.
5. Three-layer thermal insulation treatment, good thermal insulation performance, rapid temperature rise, energy saving.
6. Enhanced cooling and shaping channels, but the packaging film quickly becomes a high-strength state, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
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