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Packaging Material for Cashew Nuts

  • Release Lime: Apr 30 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Cashew nuts, as a kind of nuts with very large sales volume, are sold on the market after the process of shelling, roasting, seasoning, packaging and so on. And there are many different packing way and packaging material for cashew nuts. Here we will show you several of them:
Types of packaging material for cashew nuts:
1. Kraft paper / Al / LDPE, OPP / VMPET / PE, paper / VMPET / PE: commonly used for packing sunflower seeds.
3. Paper/PE、paper/ VMPET / PE、OPP / VMPET / PE、PET / VMPET/PE
4. KPET/PE:Has good oil resistance and moisture resistance.
5. KPET/CPP: KPET is BOPET single-sided coated film.
 Packaging Material for Cashew Nuts
Packaging styles for cashew nuts:
1. Flexible packaging: For bulk cashew nuts, such soft packaging is often used, and the packaging bag is not filled with any substance. The material is usually a composite packaging material, but according to the barrier properties of different materials, the shelf life of the packaging bag is different.
2. Vacuum packing: Vacuuming will play a certain role in extending the shelf life of the product, preventing the aroma of cashew nuts and the deterioration of oil. The material of the vacuum packaging bag will be relatively soft, so that the cashew nuts can be fully fitted.
3. Inflatable packaging: Nitrogen is an inert gas that can prevent the oxidative deterioration of cashew nuts. Therefore, the gas-repellent packaging bags are required to have good gas barrier properties.
Of course, there are other packaging materials and packaging methods, you can tell us your requirements for packaging materials and packaging methods, and then we recommend you a suitable cashew nut packaging machine.

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