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Candy Packing Machine Price in India

  • Release Lime: Apr 29 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is your candy packing machine price in India. The price of the machine is about $ 6000- $ 15000, the actual price depends on the model you choose. Of course, this price does not include freight to India. We will calculate the accurate freight for you based on the port you choose.
Some customers say that the price of our machine is not the same as the price of the local machine in India. In fact, no matter where the manufacturer is, the prices of the candy packing machine they produce are different.
 Candy packing machine price
Why are the prices of machines produced by different manufacturers different?
1. The production technology and raw materials of each manufacturer are not exactly the same.
2. The brands of electrical components are different, and the prices are different.
3. The degree of machine automation is different, the higher the degree of automation, the higher the price.
4. The raw material of the rack, stainless steel is more expensive than carbon steel.
How is our machine different from others?
1. The main control circuit adopts intelligent chip, accurate measurement, equipped with touch screen display, automatic detection of electrical failure, simple operation and convenient adjustment.
2. Adopt high-quality dual frequency conversion structure, less wear and long life.
3. It can realize flexible packaging according to needs, that is, automatically detect the length of the product and automatically change the length of the packaging film without setting any parameters.
4. No packaging film, automatic shutdown, simple replacement of packaging film, saving time and packaging film.
5. The shell can be painted according to customer needs or all made of high-quality stainless steel materials.

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