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Efficient Candy Packaging Machine Equipment for Sale

Candy Packaging Machine
Candy Packaging Equipment
The candy packaging machine is mainly used in the automatic packaging of small block products, such as hard candy, lollipop candy and chocolate, high efficiency, high quality.
Features of Candy Packaging Machine for Sale:
O Packing speed and bag-making length are controlled by double frequency converters, stepless speed regulation, and can exactly match the previous process of the production line.
O The candy packaging machine with high speed, stable performance, convenient operation.
O The candy packaging equipment is controlled by touch screen. The main control circuit uses intelligent chip for precise measurement, can automatically detect the failure of electrical equipment.
O The candy packaging equipment can detect and track high-precision photoelectric, bi-directional automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.
O The bag length does not need to be set manually. The equipment automatically detects it and sets it during operation.
Candy Packing Machine for Sale
Candy Packaging Equipment optional device:
1. Smart touch screen
2. Texture end seal
3. Coder
4. Straight grain sealing wheel
5. A pair of cutters
6. Can be installed with inflatable device, mechanical angle device and coding machine
Hard Candy Packaging Machine Details
For Candy Packaging Machine Price:
The price of the machine depends on which model you need, there are price differences between different models, in order to get the exact price, please tell us your candy size, requirement of packing speed.
Whether you want to expanded your product range, or you need to replace old equipment, a modern candy packaging machine will enhance your industrial product packaging operations. It will enable you to package your product more efficiently and faster while reducing manual labor costs. If you require a customized packaging solution, we can also work closely with you to develop your ideal candy packaging equipment. Don't hesitate to contact us  

Technical Data
Model CK-1000A
Voltage 380v
Power 3.5 kw
Packing Film Width 50-140 mm
Bag-making size 20-65 mm
Packing speed 1000 bags/min
Weight 500 kg
Size 4000*950*1500 mm

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