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Banana Chips Packing Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Apr 22 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is the banana chips packing machine price in your company? It depends on which model you choose, the price of different models is different. The price of this series of packaging machines is about $ 10000- $ 30000.
Why are machine prices so different?
1. The machine is divided into different weighing heads. The more weighing heads, the more accurate the weighing and the higher the price. Commonly there are 10 and 14 heads.
2. According to the customer's packaging requirements, you need to choose a different packaging machine, then the price is also different.
3. Some models include a support platform, others do not have, the price of the machine with support platform will be higher.
4. Some customers will request to add some other functions, such as coding, inflation, metal detection, etc., so the price will be higher.
 Banana chips packaging machine price
Why is the price of your banana chips packing machine different from that of other manufacturers?
There are many packaging machine manufacturers on the market, and their machine prices are different. The main factor affecting the price of the machine is the production cost. These factors will lead to price differences in the sale of the machine, but overall the price will not differ much. If the price is very low, you must check the quality and after-sales service of the machine. Sometimes some manufacturers will use low-quality raw materials to reduce production costs, thereby attracting customers.
so when you buy the banana chips packing machine, please remember quality first, price second.

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