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How Chocolate Wrapping Machines Work?

  • Release Lime: Apr 21 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How chocolate wrapping machines work? Its main working steps are as follows:
1. According to the packaging materials, set the size of the packaging film in advance. The main packaging material uses plastic film, and sometimes paper or aluminum foil is used as the base film.
2. The film is sent out by the feed roller, and a cylindrical bag is formed in the bag making part. Then, both ends of the membrane are in a palm shape, and heat and pressure are applied to both ends of the membrane at the central sealing portion to perform heat sealing. The chocolate is continuously inserted into the cylindrical film at regular intervals by the supply conveyor provided in the front section (supply section) of the bag maker.
3. The chocolate in the cylindrical film continues to advance at a certain interval by pressing the conveyor belt up and down, the terminal sealing (also called top sealing) device heats the chocolate and the middle film of the chocolate, and performs heat sealing under pressure while cutting with a cutting machine to end the packaging process. The chocolate packaging machine continuously performs the above series of operations.

Main components
1. Bag making device
The shape of the bag-making device changes depending on whether the packaged product is dedicated packaging or dual-use packaging. In general, when used in special packaging, use a fixed special bag-making device with a width and height that are consistent with the size of the packaged product.When used in combination packaging, the width and height of the bag-making device can be used according to the package Bag-making device for product size adjustment.
2. Middle sealing device
Various models are used according to the film used and packaging capabilities. This is a device that melts and adheres to the inside of the film by applying pressure and heat from the outside of the overlapping portion of the film.
3. End sealing device
Device for simultaneously sealing front and back of a packaged object to be heat-sealed in a cylindrical shape and cutting simultaneously.

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