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How Do You Wrap Perfume In Cellophane?

  • Release Lime: Apr 20 2020
  • Source: Sherry
The perfume sell on market always wrapped with cellophane, but how do you wrap perfume in cellophane? Why use cellophane wrap perfume? Here will show you the reason.
Why use cellophane wrap perfume?
We know that perfume is very common and there are many brands on the market, sometimes they are expensive. So its storage and transportation is a very important link.
In order to prevent the perfume from being contaminated during storage or transportation, we often wrap the perfume box with cellophane to prevent water and dirt. Because air, oil, bacteria and water are not easy to penetrate cellophane. Therefore, the aesthetics of the box can be better ensured.
How to wrap perfume in cellophane?
This process is usually done by a professional perfume box wrapping machine, and perfume is expensive, so it has very high requirements for aesthetics. And the use of the machine will save more labor and packaging costs.
perfume box wrapping machine 
Perfume box wrap process:
A series of mechanisms such as film discharging, film cutting, folding, sealing, heat sealing, shaping, discharging, etc. complete the wrapping of the packaging box. After being folded on both sides, it is bonded by heat sealing to achieve the effect of sealing, moisture-proof and decoration.
1. Box feeding
2. Film loading and cutting
3. Folding
4. Heat-sealing of long side and end side
5. Counting
6. Automatically sticky tear tape
After these steps are completed, the wrapping of perfume box is completed.

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