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What Is The Plastic Called On Cigarette Packs?

  • Release Lime: Apr 16 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is the plastic called on cigarette packs? Generally we call it cellophane.
What is cellophane?
Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose. Its low permeability to air, oils, greases, bacteria, and water makes it useful for food packaging. Cellophane is highly permeable to water vapour, but may be coated with nitrocellulose lacquer to prevent this. [from wikipedia]
After packing the cigarette case with cellophane, it can prevent rust, moisture and pollution. Moreover, the cellophane has high transparency and strong gloss, and the color is extremely bright after printing graphics. It does not require any treatment before printing. It also has anti-static processing performance, which is not easy to absorb dust, and avoids printing failures such as sticky graphics.
How to wrap cigarette packs with the plastic?
Wrap the cigarette packs with the plastic usually use a dedicated machine, cigarette cellophane wrapping machine.
 cigarette cellophane wrapping machine
The machine is suitable for wrapping, feeding, folding, heat sealing, counting, and automatically sticking anti-counterfeit easy-drawing wire to a single cigarette case. The packaging speed can be adjusted steplessly, and different molds (length, width, height) can be packed by changing the mold.
This machine is a mechanical transmission mechanism, combined with electricity and gas phase. Through PLC programming and man-machine interface control, the servo motor can accurately set the length of the film, and has the function of anti-counterfeiting of the easy-pull line and the function of cleaning the packaging box after the machine stops packaging. Simple operation and stable operation. Film feeding and box pushing are completed on the table surface at the same time, and the packaging speed is higher than similar products. It can be used online with the upper and lower processes. The packaged product is smooth and beautiful.

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