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Shrink Wrapping Machine Troubleshooting

  • Release Lime: Apr 15 2020
  • Source: Sherry
The use of shrink wrapping machine is very extensive, but the failure of the machine in the work can not be handled in time will affect the production efficiency. Therefore, if we know some common shrink wrapping machine troubleshooting methods, the machine will be put into use again soon. Below we will list some commonly used troubleshooting methods.
1. There is no heating phenomenon in the shrinking machine, which is a relatively common failure. Don't panic when this happens, you can stop production for troubleshooting first and see if it is caused by poor heating. Check whether the indoor wires are aging and there is a short circuit; check whether the electric heating pipe is damaged or whether the electric heating pipe head is connected well. If the above is normal, finally check whether the temperature control board or potentiometer is damaged. If there is damage, replace it with a new one immediately.
 shrink wrap machine
2. The conveyor network does not rotate. This may be caused by poor contact or malfunction of the delivery switch. If it is normal, you can check whether the adjustment control board or the potentiometer is damaged, secondly check whether the conveying motor is working normally, and finally check whether the conveying mechanism is stuck. You can exclude them one by one during the inspection process.
3. After the wrapping is completed, the cutter did not cut the packaging film. The possible reasons are: slipper or slipper belt has oil, you must remove the oil. If the belt is too tight, lower the belt drive seat or adjust the motor backward.
The above are some common shrink wrapping machine troubleshooting methods. If you encounter other problems during the operation, please contact us in time.
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