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Automatic Banana Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

Automatic Chips Packing Machine
Banana Chips Packing Machine
Plantain Chips Packaging Machine
This automatic plantain chips packaging machine is an upgraded packaging equipment in our company, which is suitable for potato chips, dried fruit, cassava chips, snacks, puffed foods, beans, plantain chips, banana chips, etc.
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Automatic Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Features:
〇 The vibrator can automatically adjust the vibration quantity according to different target weight value during rapid weighing, so that the blanking is more uniform and the combination is higher.
〇 High precision digital weighing sensor and AD module are used for accurate measurement.
Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Details

〇 The changeable signal CAN port and error self-diagnosis function greatly improve the troubleshooting time and packaging efficiency.
〇 The banana chips packing machine can base on the characteristics of the measured material, the opening and closing speed and Angle of the material bucket door can be adjusted to prevent material stuck.
〇 When weighing, it can be set to multiple feeding and sequential feeding to avoid clogging the blanking port with leavening materials.
Automatic Plantain Chips Packing Machine

〇 The aggregate processing system with automatic sorting function of the banana chips packing machine can directly exclude unqualified products.
〇 All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, clean and sanitary, completely sealed and waterproof.
〇 According to different operators set different permissions, convenient management.
How Does Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Work?

The automatic chips packing machine can be combined with different weighing head and packing machine according to the actual needs of customers. Tell us your requirement.
Technical Data
Model CK-LK420
Film width max 420mm
Bag width 80-200mm
Bag length 50-300mm
Packing speed 15-80bags/min
Packing range 150-1500ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Power 2.5kw/220v 50-60Hz
Machine size 1400*970*1700mm
Machine weight 450kg
Air consumption 0.4m³/min 0.6mpa

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