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Automatic Vegetable Seed Packaging Machine Price

vegetable seed packaging machine
sunflower seed packing machine
This automatic seed packaging machine is upgraded according to the characteristics of the seed, which is suitable for different kinds of seeds, for example, pepper seeds, vegetable seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.Seed Packing Machine Use
Sunflower Seed Packing Machine Features:
〇 The high-quality photoelectric switch (electric eye) is used to detect and position the color code printed on the packaging material, so that the finished pouch can obtain a complete trademark pattern (Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system can automatically eliminate the abnormal color mark pattern.
Seed packaging machine factory

〇 All parts of vegetable seed packing machine in contact with the packaged material are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials.
〇 The packaging style can be implemented in a variety of packaging styles. Customers can choose the corresponding packaging process according to their own requirements.
Packing Types of Seed Packing Machine
How Does Vegetable Seeds Packing Machine Work?
1. Installation of packaging materials: Place the packaging film on the support rod, connect it to the former and test that the machine is normal.
2. Set operation panel parameters: Turn on the power, set the length of the bag, temperature parameters, and the number of feeds.
3. Placing material: Turn on the power, set the length of the bag, temperature parameters, and the number of feeds.
4. Automatic packing: automatic weighing, feeding, sealing and packaging
Different customers have different packaging requirements for sunflower seeds, and we usually customize corresponding solutions according to customers' packaging requirements. For example, a customer in Nigeria wants to fill sunflower seeds into a bottle, we customized a fully automatic filling, capping and labeling line for them. Help them to realize automate the packaging process.
sunflower seed packing line
Technical Data
Model CK61BK
Total Power 1.4KW/220V 50Hz 1phase
Measure Range 1-100grams
Bag Size Marking L: 30-180mm, W: 30-140mm
Packing Film Thickness 0.03-0.07mm
Gross Weight 400kg
Outsize Dimensions 740*940*1750 (mm)

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