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How Do You Set Up A Packaging Line?

  • Release Lime: Mar 11 2022
  • Source: Sherry
With the development of technology and the increase of labor costs, more and more food manufacturers have begun to use automated production and packaging line to replace labor.
But how do you set up a packaging line?
When building a packaging line, you need to consider the following principles:
Automatic packaging lines are divided into three types: series, parallel and mixed according to the arrangement of packaging machines. Generally, there are more series and mixed production lines. According to the characteristics of the packaging machine, it can be divided into three types: rigid, flexible and semi-flexible production lines. It needs to be selected according to product characteristics and packaging requirements. The establishment of the packaging line not only improves the product packaging quality, packaging speed, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and reduces the floor space, but also lays the foundation for the continuous and high-speed product packaging process.
The relevant important auxiliary equipment of the packaging line are: conveying device, shunt, confluence and reversing device, intermediate storage device, etc.
1. Reasonable selection of packaging materials and packaging containers:
The use of reel packaging materials in the packaging machine is beneficial to improve the speed of the machine; For collar formers, composite packaging materials with higher strength should be used; The plastic film used in the bag making-filling and sealing machine should be pre-printed with a positioning color mark to ensure the correct sealing and cutting position of the package. In the automatic filling machine, in order to make the filling machine run continuously and stably, the shape and size of the bottle mouth should meet the requirements of precision, etc.
2. Satisfy the concentration and dispersion of the process:
Features of process concentration: Due to the centralized process, the intermediate transportation, storage, steering and other links are reduced, so that the mechanism can be simplified; the floor space of the production line can be reduced. However, if the process is too concentrated, it will add more restrictions to the packaging process, reduce the versatility, increase the complexity of the mechanism, and be inconvenient to adjust. Therefore, when the centralized process is adopted, it should be ensured that the adjustment and maintenance are convenient, the work is reliable, and there is a certain degree of versatility.
3. The takt of the balancing process
Balancing the rhythm of the process is one of the important issues in formulating the process plan of the packaging automatic production line. The good synchronization of the individual machines is very important to ensure the continuous and coordinated production of the packaging line.
In addition, the set up of the packaging line must be designed by a professional manufacturer to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

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