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Tea Packaging Requirements

  • Release Lime: Mar 16 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is tea packaging requirements? In addition to complying with food packaging regulations, the following requirements should also be met:
1. It has a good function of protecting tea leaves. That is, the shape, color, smell and taste of tea can be completely maintained within a certain shelf life, and the tea can be protected from damage, moisture and deterioration.
2. Convenience. It is easy to transport, easy to keep, easy to count and check, easy to carry and drink by customers, easy to sell.
3. Avoid unnecessary packaging materials, avoid excessive packaging. Tea packaging needs to pay attention to saving resources and avoid excessive packaging. Therefore, in the process of packaging design and production, the number of packaging layers, packaging void ratio, and packaging cost are controlled according to relevant requirements.
4. Moisture proof. The low moisture content facilitates the preservation of tea leaves. The water content in tea should not exceed 5%, and 3% is better for long-term storage, otherwise the color and aroma of the tea will change. Especially at higher temperatures, the rate of deterioration will be accelerated. Therefore, materials with good moisture-proof performance can be used for packaging.
5. Antioxidant: Excessive oxygen content in the packaging will lead to the oxidative deterioration of the ingredients in the tea leaves. In packaging technology, air-pump packaging or vacuum packaging can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen.
6. High temperature: Temperature is also an important factor affecting the quality of tea leaves. If the temperature difference is 10°C, the rate of chemical reaction is different by 3-5 times. The quality of tea leaves will deteriorate faster at high temperature. According to the experiment, the storage temperature of tea leaves is the best when the storage temperature is below 5 ℃. When the temperature is 10-15℃, the color of the tea will decrease more than that of the mantle, and the color effect can also be maintained well. When the temperature exceeds 25°C, the color of the tea leaves will change rapidly. Therefore, tea leaves are suitable for storage at low temperature.
7. Gas choke. The aroma of tea leaves is easily lost, and it is easily affected by external odors. In particular, the residual agent of the composite film and the peculiar smell decomposed after heat treatment will affect the flavor of tea leaves and affect the flavor. Therefore, the packaging material of tea must have certain gas barrier properties.
Types of tea packing 
Types of Tea Packaging:
Big package: Large packaging is a packaging method for transportation needs, used for bulk tea and small packaged tea, generally composed of three parts: tea box, moisture-proof material (lining paper) and outsourcing. Due to different materials, tea boxes can be divided into three types: wooden boxes, plywood boxes or cardboard boxes specified in the contract.
Small Package: It is the sales packaging of tea. Available in cans, boxes, bags, etc. The unit weight varies, as many as 1000 grams, and as little as 1.5 grams.

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