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How Does A Powder Filling Machine Work?

  • Release Lime: May 03 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Powder filling machine is a very versatile packaging equipment, widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, etc. But how does a powder filling machine work?
1. A large amount of powdered product is supplied into the hopper and bottled to feed the machine.
2. The conveyor belt guides the bottles and positions them under the filling head.
3. The machine measures/weighs the powder product dispensed into each container.
4. The filling head dispenses a consistent amount of powder product into each container.
5. The bottle enters the sealing equipment to complete the bottle sealing process.
powder filling machine 

Main component:
1. Hopper
The hopper holds a large amount of powder product before it is dispensed into the bottle.
2. filling head
The filling head is installed under the hopper and dispenses the powder product into the bottle.
3. Mechanical drive system
The moving parts that drive the filling machine. It includes mechanical motors, gears and conveyor belts.
4. Sensor
The sensor ensures accurate filling by ensuring that the bottle is positioned correctly under the filling head. If the sensor does not detect the presence of the bottle, the machine will stop dispensing material.
5. PLC control system
Here the operator controls the settings for the entire filling process, including parameters. Some machines will have a touchscreen control panel.
1. The machine integrates machine, electricity, light and instrument. It is controlled by single-chip microcomputer and has functions such as automatic quantitative, automatic filling, and automatic adjustment of measurement error.
2. Fast speed: using screw cutting and light control technology.
3. High precision: using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.
4. Wide range of packaging: The same machine can be adjusted continuously through the electronic scale keyboard within 5-5000g and changing the blanking screw of different specifications.
5. Errors caused by material specific gravity and material level changes can be automatically tracked and corrected.
6. The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevents cross-contamination.
7. The feeding device can be configured, which is more convenient for users to use.

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