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Tomato Paste Packaging Materials

  • Release Lime: May 05 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The use of tomato paste packaging materials depends on the choice of packaging methods, and different packaging methods require different types of packaging materials to match.
At present, the common packaging methods on the market are as follows:
  1. Small tomato paste packet. Mainly found in KFC, McDonald's and Italian restaurants. Mainly used for dipping French fries, potato cakes and other foods
  2. Stand up spout pouch package. This is usually found on supermarket shelves and is suitable for home use.
  3. Tomato paste in plastic bottles.
  4. Tomato paste in glass bottles.
Types of tomato paste packaging
Here we mainly introduce the tools and packaging machines required for these four packaging methods.

1. Small tomato paste packet.
It is packaged by a special vertical packaging machine. The machine can be divided into 1-12 lanes and many other types. It uses a liquid piston pump or a peristaltic pump for dosing and filling of tomato paste. It can be customized and developed according to user needs. The packaging materials of this packaging method are mostly composed of three layers of bopp+vmpet+pe. After designing, printing, laminating and slitting, it is made into film roll. It can then be placed on the packaging machine for bag making and filling.

2. Stand up spout pouch package.
The structure of the spout pouch is mainly divided into two parts: the spout and the stand-up bag. The bottom structure of the spout pouch and the stand-up bag is the same, and composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. And because it is a soft packaging, there is no difficulty in sucking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing, which is a very ideal new type of packaging bag.
The production of this packaging bag consists of basic processes such as printing, compounding, curing, slitting, and bag making. However, the spout pouch has an additional workflow, which is heat sealing the nozzle on the stand-up pouch. The packaging process is then completed by a dedicated filling machine.
3. Tomato paste in plastic bottles.
Plastic bottles are formed by blow molding machines. After that, the filling machine can automatically complete the bottle filling, capping, sealing, labeling and other actions.
4. Tomato paste in glass bottles.
Glass is a very historic packaging material. Its main features are: non-toxic, odorless; transparent, beautiful, barrier, airtight, and can be used multiple times. And has the advantages of heat resistance and pressure resistance. Both highly sterilizable and cryopreserved. Its filling process is basically the same as that of plastic bottles. The main processes are filling, capping, and labeling.
Different packaging methods use different packaging equipment and packaging materials, so their costs will also be different. Which packaging material to choose depends on market demand and cost.

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