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How Does A Shrink Tunnel Work?

  • Release Lime: Apr 10 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How does a shrink tunnel work? As a very important tool for heat shrink packaging, it is also very important to understand its working principle.
How does a shrink tunnel work?
A shrink tunnel machine adopts a conveyor and heat to maintain consistent temperatures within the tunnel chamber. The shrink film changes the irregular arrangement of the original molecules under heating. Under the thermal radiation of infrared rays and other, the plastic molecules are rearranged closely, so that the original area is greatly reduced, and it is closely attached to the product surface to achieve packaging the goal of.
 shrink tunnel machine
What are shrink tunnel made of?
1. Heater bank
The heater bank is the main component for heating the shrink tunnel. Using standard heating element coils, the heat produced is centralized around the heater coil. Recirculating the air helps to obtain an even heat distribution throughout the tunnel.
2. Blower motors
Blower motors are what recirculate the heat from the heater bank.
3. Conveyor
The shrink tunnel conveyor transports bottles/boxes from the tunnel entrance to the exit. The ability to adjust the conveyor speed enables users to control the product dwell time within the tunnel. Different materials need to change the contraction time by controlling different conveying speed.
4. Control panel
The machine offer two primary controls. Temperature controls and conveyor belt speed controls. Through these two controls to achieve the ideal heat shrink packaging.
About the details of how does a shrink tunnel work, we will send you a manual. 

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