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Book Shrink Wrap Machine
This book shrink wrap machine is suitable for heat shrink packaging of regular or irregular products such as books, notebooks, etc. Can be used for different book size, and you can pack several books in one group.
Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine Features:
〇 The book shrink wrap machine is divided into three parts: film wrapping and cutting, heat shrinking and cooling.
〇 The rapid cooling structure of the seal ensures higher seal strength under high-speed production conditions.
 Heat Shrink Tunnel Manufacturer

〇 The induction switch controls the film feeding system, which can regulate the length of the film feeding and reduce the loss.
〇 All transmissions of the book shrink wrap machine are frequency-converted, and the transmission is smooth.
 Shrink Wrap Process
〇 The shrink wrap packaging machine uses unique heat shrinking channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, tight shrinking and beautiful.
〇 Using high-power wind transport motors ensures that the wind is strong enough to achieve perfect packaging effects at once.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine Working Principle:
The hot gas generated by the electric heating tube is rotated at high speed by two large impellers inside, so that the hot gas becomes very uniform. Then, the high-speed rotating hot gas is ejected from each hole of the inner liner of the book shrink wrap machine, and the books passing through the tunnel can be quickly and comprehensively processed shrink.
Technical Data
sealing and cutting
Model CK-FL450
Power(KW) 1.5
Voltage AC220V/50/60HZ
Max Packing Size L*W(MM) 550*450
Max Sealing Size(MM) <500
Packing Speed(bag/min) 15-30
Gas Source 6-8Kg/cm^2
Shrink Film POF/PE
Machine Size 1650*880*1450
Weight 280
shrink tunnel
Model CK-BS4525LA
Voltage 220-380V/50-60HZ 3Phase
Power(KW) 6.5
Load(KG) 30
Heat Tunnel Size(mm) 900*450*250
Machine Size(mm) 1200*700*1000
Transfer Speed(m/s) 0-10
Weight(KG) 120

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