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How Much Does A Packaging Machine Cost?

  • Release Lime: Nov 20 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How much does a packaging machine cost? Although as a packaging machine manufacturer, we can't directly answer your question.
Because there are too many models of the machines, such as wrapping machine, liquid filling machine, powder packing machine, etc. So before tell you how much does a packaging machine cost, we need to know your requirement about the machine.
 Packaging Machine

1. What do you want to pack?
After we know what do you want to pack, we can know suggest you the powder, particle, liquid or other packing machine. Avoid recommending a wrong machine to you.
2. How many grams or ml do you want to pack in each bag/bottle?
By this question, we can know which model is suitable for you. Because some models are suitable for large bags/bottles, some models are suitable for small bags/bottles. Of course, the models are different and the prices are different.
3. What is the size of your bag?
In this way, we need to know whether the bag forming part need to custom.
Some customer said you only tell me the packing machine cost. Yes, we must tell you the cost, but we also need to be responsible for you, we don't want to send you a wrong price, so we always confirm your demand first.
Some customers will also ask us for other requirements. Of course, we can modify the machine according to the customer's requirements, but this will also change the cost of the machine.
So when you ask us how does a packaging machine cost, please answer our questions patiently, we hope to provide the best service for every customer.

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